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Sibling Support Group

Attain is excited to announce their Sibling Support Group!

We will meet the second Saturday of every month from 9am-10:30am. Our first group will be November 13. 


This sibling support group’s purpose is to provide a safe space for siblings of children with disabilities. Your child will gain new friendships by talking with others who understand and share their experiences while participating in fun activities.


Group leaders are trained Registered Behavior Technicians who are pursuing their masters degrees Applied Behavior Analysis and related fields.

Registration is required-  Click the button below to complete the contact form.  Please indicate your child’s ages so we can form appropriate age groups.


Social Skills Groups

We offer a variety of social skills groups.  Our clients are placed in groups based on their identified needs, current skill set and age.


Basic goals include helping clients identify and interpret body language, learn and practice basic conversation skills, negotiate and problem solve. All skills are broken down, defined, modeled and practiced in a safe and caring environment. Social skills are vital in gaining and maintaining friendships. Later in life they play an important role in successful employment.

An assessment is completed to determine social skills goals and frequency of services. Your child may benefit from individual and group services.



Speech and Language Pathologists work with individuals who have difficulty communicating. You, your doctor, or teachers might voice concern about your child’s overall language development. These difficulties may include specific sound production, difficulty following directions or using words to communicate. Speech language intervention begins with an assessment of your child’s skills followed by an individualized program based on your child’s needs.

Kid Eating Meal

Picky(Selective) Eaters

If your child eats a limited variety of foods and/or has to have the same brand of food, they could be a “picky eater”. This selectivity makes it difficult for you and your family to have a fun relaxing meal at home or in the community.


We can assist your child to tolerate and accept a variety of foods. Parents will be taught to implement these strategies at home.

Family Time

Parent Training

We know how important it is for you to be educated in your child’s development.  We offer monthly parent training to increase your knowledge and help you to be actively involved in your child’s programming.

Behaviorally based parent training, as with parent training through an applied behavior analysis approach, can be very effective and helpful for parents who have a child with autism spectrum disorder (Matson, Mahan, & Matson, 2009).

By participating in training, you can learn about strategies that can help your child improve communication skills, social skills and decrease challenging behavior. Since communication and social skills are two of the main characteristics of ASD, learning effective, research-supported strategies to develop these skills can be a great benefit for improving the quality of your child’s life.

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