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Applied Behavioral Services
 Fort Collins, Colorado 

  • Our commitment is centered around supporting client growth through a compassionate care and trauma-informed approach.

  • Our dedication spans a diverse range of diagnoses, including ADHD, Anxiety, PTSD, ODD, and Behavior Problems.

  • We take pride in delivering the highest-quality comprehensive programming for each child.

  • Our services meet the standards and accreditation of the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence.

  • As we expand, we eagerly anticipate providing effective and ethical services to support an even broader spectrum of children in our community.

The FACES of Attain Behavior Services

Learning should be fun!  We strive to capture motivation which is the key to learning. When clients find learning enjoyable, they are more likely to be motivated to explore, understand, and retain knowledge. Motivation is often considered the key to effective learning.

A positive, problem-solving attitude is how we approach every problem big or small. Children who believe in overcoming obstacles foster personal and academic growth.

Open communication among parents, clients, and staff is our goal. We want to establish a platform where concerns and questions can be shared freely.

We strive for excellence in everything we do. This point underscores the commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and performance in all aspects of education and service.

We are here to support our clients, staff, and parents in learning and growing every day! We encourage support and personal development, acknowledging that education is an evolving process for every individual.

In summary: "FACES" represents a set of principles and values that prioritize making learning enjoyable (FUN), fostering a positive problem-solving attitude (ATTITUDE), promoting open and effective communication (COMMUNICATION), striving for excellence (EXCELLENCE), and offering continuous support (SUPPORT) to all involved in the educational journey. These principles collectively contribute to a holistic and successful learning environment.

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