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Meet the Team


 Sarah Plunkett, MS, BCBA
 Clinical Director

Sarah started her career as a BCBA in Michigan after graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Behavioral Psychology. Shortly after becoming certified as a BCBA, she started an after-school ABA therapy program for a company that was providing vocational services for adults. She has advanced experience implementing ABA therapy in the home and in clinic settings.


Sarah moved to Colorado during the COVID-19 pandemic and worked with a clinic-based ABA company to extend services safely and effectively to the home setting for families who were not able to continue services in the clinic. This position was shaped to the Director of Home Services and eventually both Clinical Director and Director of Home Services for several years before transitioning to Attain. Sarah led a special project in 2021 that contracted ABA-based parent training services to foster parents and bio parents with children in foster care. This project included comprehensive functional behavior assessment for each child and training parents on individualized behavior intervention plans, as well as training parents and DHS staff on basic principles of applied behavior analysis via group trainings. Sarah obtained specialized trauma-informed care training and expanded greatly upon her interests and training in compassionate care through this unique and rewarding experience.


Sarah values conducting therapy in a way that is effective and evidence-based but also prioritizes rapport-building and safety. She believes that it is vitally important to ensure that ethical standards are being met and that each child is experiencing joy during therapy sessions.


Recently, Sarah has taken an interest in also applying ABA principles to personal health and fitness goals- she really values the science and “can’t get enough of it!" Sarah is an avid runner, and Pilates and weight-lifting enthusiast outside of work and is currently in the process of obtaining her nutritionist certification.

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